Anti-Kleptocracy Fest

Hola amigos and amigettes.  Consider this your formal notice that at our April 3rd show, we have added a very special guest:  all the way from Englandio, that famous nation that is, for now, part of the European Union, Mr. Tom of the band David Cronenberg’s Wife, will be joining us.  Mind you he is a champion roller skater, and that alone should earn your respect.  He is also in town to speak at the Anti-Kleptocracy festival at Columbia University on the day proceeding our concert.  But the real meat, fabricated from plants, of his visit will be his appearance at our show.  If you’ve never met a British person, now is your chance.  And mind you that he is an excellent performer, at least as good as Beethoven of Tchaikovsky, but probably much better, objectively speaking.  Anyway, this is in addition to the already announced performances by ska band Uncle Djuzeppe & the Mob and a fucking psycho who calls himself Psycho Pat.  This show will be off the hook, like a tuna trying to escape.  So pack up your bags and camp outside of Bizarre Bar in Bushwick now, because you won’t want to miss this.  Oh, also, we are playing too, Milf City that we be.  C u there.

Chairs mates,
Lord On-Time Machine

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Bushwick Bizarre gig on April 3

Hola friends and friendettes.  This is a quick note to inform you of our next gig, on April 3rd at Bizarre Bar Bushwick.  I guess there is now another Bizarre in Greenpoint, but we play the original, Bushwick one on Jefferson.  So far on the bill we have an awesome Russian ska band from New Jersey, Uncle Djuzeppe & the Mob, whose upright bass player will be slapping away.  We also have a Psycho Pat from the Rockaways, who plays an Nirvana’s Insecticide inspired shit.  These are some awesome dang bands, and we aren’t done yet.  More will be added to the bill soon.  Be sure to mark your calandar because you won’t want to miss thiss.  You’ll want to nbot miss it.  More soon.  Cheers!

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Wednesday, I said.

From the point of view of the moment I’m writing this, we have a show TOMORROW.  But if you are reading this tomorrow, then we have a show tonight, unless it is tonight, in which case, get your ass over to the Footlight in Queens (in Ridgewood).  But presuming the show has passed as most eyes in the history of time will read this message as it hangs indefinitely after this show, then you really blew it.  Sure, it is the future, from our perspective, and the at the present, from your perspective, we probably have another show coming up soon that you will surely want to catch, but the show I’m writing to tell you about now (our perspective) is going to be better than  that one.  You missed us your prime.

Anyway, here is the Faced Book e-vent (electronic vent) regarding TOMORROW night’s show.  It is on Wednesday.

Be there and eat ice cream.  Also bring ice cream.