Bushwick Bizarre gig on April 3

Hola friends and friendettes.  This is a quick note to inform you of our next gig, on April 3rd at Bizarre Bar Bushwick.  I guess there is now another Bizarre in Greenpoint, but we play the original, Bushwick one on Jefferson.  So far on the bill we have an awesome Russian ska band from New Jersey, Uncle Djuzeppe & the Mob, whose upright bass player will be slapping away.  We also have a Psycho Pat from the Rockaways, who plays an Nirvana’s Insecticide inspired shit.  These are some awesome dang bands, and we aren’t done yet.  More will be added to the bill soon.  Be sure to mark your calandar because you won’t want to miss thiss.  You’ll want to nbot miss it.  More soon.  Cheers!

Facebook event:



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