Tonite at Bizarre Bushwick

Yo.  Message to peeps:  We play tonight at Bizarre Bushwick.  I see a lot of curated shows, and with most bills, you are lucky to see one or two other bands you like besides the one you came to see (us).  But I will say that for the shows we’ve put on lately, we’ve been joined by our favorites.  That’s especially true tonite, with Tom of David Cronenberg’s Wife (UK) kicking it off around 9, followed by Uncle Djuzeppe, us, and then the amazing Psycho Pat.  This is a show worth coming early for.  Dinner is available at the venue, so call your friends, or go on Tinder and invite someone new, and eat there.  You will want to arrive early to ensure seating and see the whole thing.  Come on over!


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Too Close to Vomit

Brooklyn's least favorite band. "Somewhere between divinity and polygamy lies Milf City."

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